We are committed to sustainable tourism and social inclusion. Cartagena E Brasil categorically rejects sexual exploitation, pornography, sex tourism, and sexual abuse with minors. Our company is committed to respecting the Law 679 of 2001 and denouncing all cases of child trafficking and sexual abuse.

Cartagena E Brasil has pledged to safeguard the flora, fauna and cultural heritage of the country, according to Law 599 of 2000, art. 328, and will report all cases of trafficking.

Say no to the Colombian artifact and cultural heritage, trafficking and exploitation of minors.


National Constitution of Colombia, Art. 72: "The cultural heritage of the nation is under the protection of the state. The archaeological heritage and other cultural assets that make up the national identity, belong to the nation and are inalienable, indefeasible and imprescriptible. The law will establish the mechanisms to reacquire them when they are in private hands and will regulate the special rights that the ethnic groups settled in territories of archaeological wealth may have".

The submerged cultural heritage is also part of the cultural heritage. The law is its article 9 defines it as "cities or cemeteries of disappeared human groups, human remains, the shipwreck species constituted by the ships and their endowment, and other furniture lying within them, or scattered on the sea floor, which find on the ground or marine subsoil".

The law emphasizes that any exploration and removal of the submerged cultural heritage by any person, whether legal or private, must be approved by the Ministry of Culture, the General Maritime Directorate - DIMAR and the Ministry of National Defense.

The persons who incur in said faults will be judged in accordance with articles 242, 246, 249, 270, 371 and 372 of the Colombian Penal Code.


INDEPENDENCIA TOURS S.A. rejects commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, always committed to prevention and reporting inside and outside the establishment, linking our partners, human resources, allies and collaborators to the disclosure and compliance with law 1336 and 1329 of 2009.

In the case of underage guests, an identity card or civil registry must be requested to verify a link that identifies them as a first degree relative or, alternatively, a letter of authorization from the parents to stay.

The hotels where you stay will avoid renting the room if they suspect that they are facing a case of sexual exploitation. In this agency it is prohibited to promote or offer tourist packages, sites, images, texts, advertising, videos or any other medium in which they show sexual activities with minors.

The establishment and its collaborators should easily count on the telephone number of the police of the sector or the tourism police in case of presenting a case of CSEC and denouncing it.

In case of suspicion of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children and adolescents - CSEC - in the premises of the lodging establishment, inform the security person in due time or contact the national complaint line 01 8000 112 440 and line 106 of the ICBF.

At the time the reservation is made, find out what are the documents that are required to register a person under age in a lodging establishment.

Our Promise

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We reject the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents

In the development of the provisions of Article 17 of Law 679 of 2001, travel agencies reject the exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of child abuse. Warns tourists that sexual abuse is criminal and administrative punishment in accordance with the legal provisions in force. In addition, Law 1336 of 2009 is fully accepted, by which the Law 679 of 2001 is added and strengthened against exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and adolescents.